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    We are making holsters for the Springfield Hellcat and 911 9mm 

    PJ Holster pocket holsters are meant to be carried in the front pocket but also work well in a purse or backpack. The outward facing side is completely flat to help hide the contours of your gun.  The pocket holster is also shaped to match the curve of your leg. They all come with a thumb break and a curved hook to help with the draw.  The retention is primarily in the trigger guard, so a simple flick of your thumb releases the holster for an easy, smooth draw. Our standard pocket holsters are made with the thinnest .060 kydex to minimize bulk. Note: Camo, Special Graphic patterns, and some colors are only available in .080 thickness. This is not a problem. The pocket or purse holster is still very thin and comfortable to carry in your pocket. Works great for all guns.

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