Making Simple, Practical, Affordable Custom Kydex Holsters Since 2011


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about my holsters.

What makes your holsters different from the countless brands currently on the market?

- Our holsters are made specifically to your specifications. We offer many more options than most other makers and don't charge extra for customization. We also have available a unique integrated clip that provides a much smaller profile than the standard clips seen on most other holsters.  Our mag carriers have the smallest profile on the market to help you carry as discreet as possible.

What is the difference between the Standard and Tuckable IWB?

– The Tuckable holster is two piece construction with the clip attached to the muzzle end of the holster. This provides a gap between the body of the holster and the clip to tuck your shirt over the gun. The Standard is made from a single piece of Kydex and requires a cover garment to conceal it. Click here for pictures of Tuckable holsters.

Can I request interchangeable clips for the Tuckable holster?

– Unfortunately no. I glue the clip to the body of the holster for strength and stability so it can’t be changed.

Can I return my holster if I don't like it for any reason?

- Yes. You can send it back for a full refund within the first 30 days. I give you that amount of time because sometimes it just takes a while to get used to something new. There is no magic holster, but mine is a very minimalist and comfortable holster that I feel confident you will love.

What is the difference between belt clips and what are the pros and cons of each?

- That question requires a whole separate page to address. Check out our Belt Clip Option description page. 

Will your holsters work without a belt?

– We don’t recommend using our standard clip holsters without a belt. The clip is designed to be used with a quality gun belt for best results. It may not grip the waist band tight enough to allow for the safe draw of the weapon. If you are looking for a beltless option, you can order one of our holsters with the UTILCLIP. That will do the job for you.

Can I pay a premium to get my holster faster?

– You can select Priority Mail as a shipping option which will get it to you a little quicker than standard First Class Service.

Do your holsters have a warranty?

Yes. I offer a limited warranty against breakage that covers the repair or replacement of your holster for as long as you own it. This only applies to the original purchaser. The holster needs to be sent back with proof of purchase to PJ Holster at the address listed in the Contact section. Be sure to include your return address.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes. As long as there are no restrictions for your country we can ship overseas. There is a charge of $20 for the standard USPS International shipping. International Federal Express is available but tends to be very expensive. Customer can pay for that service if they are willing.