Making Simple, Practical, Affordable Custom Kydex Holsters Since 2011
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    Carry credit cards, business cards, and cash in an ultra-thin wallet!

    Our new wallet design stays true to our company motto, and is

    Simple – Practical – Affordable!

    Our one piece, no hardware construction offers minimum bulk and is super light-weight. No more wallet bulge! The wallet can be carried in your pocket or clipped to the inside of your waistband without showing everyone what you’re carrying.

    The IWB clip option offers multiple functions:

    ·             -  carry inside the waistband for added security

    ·             -   carry when you don’t have pockets (trip to the gym)

    ·             -  use as a money clip

    A   As always, our wallets come with a money-back, no-questions-asked, 30-day return policy, and also our lifetime quality guarantee…so give it a try!

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