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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about my holsters.

What is the difference between the Standard and Tuckable IWB?

– The Tuckable holster is two piece construction with the clip attached to the muzzle end of the holster. This provides a gap between the body of the holster and the clip to tuck your shirt over the gun. The Standard is made from a single piece of Kydex and requires a cover garment to conceal it. Click here for pictures of Tuckable holsters.

Can I request interchangeable clips for the Tuckable holster?

– Unfortunately no. I glue the clip to the body of the holster for strength and stability so it can’t be changed. You can however order an extra clip when you buy the holster for $20.

What is the difference between belt clips and what are the pros and cons of each?

- Check out our Belt Clip Option description page.

Will your holsters work without a belt?

– We don’t recommend using our holsters without a belt. The clip is designed to be used with a quality gun belt for best results. It may not grip the waist band tight enough to allow for the safe draw of the weapon. Our Textured Double thick or Reinforced clip on can be made tight enough that it can work if you find it difficult to wear a belt.

Can I pay a premium to get my holster faster?

– In order to be fair to all my customers, I don’t allow for a premium for faster shipping. I try to get the holsters out as fast as possible while maintaining my high standards for quality.

Do your holsters have a warranty?

Yes. I offer a limited warranty against breakage that covers the repair or replacement of your holster for as long as you own it. This only applies to the original purchaser. The holster needs to be sent back with proof of purchase to PJ Holster at the address listed in the Contact section. Be sure to include your return address.