Inside Waistband Holsters – Tuckable

Tuckable holsters have a gap between the body of the holster and the clip which will allow you to tuck a shirt over your gun. The body is made from either the thinnest available .060 or the sturdier, .080 kydex.  The standard is now .080. I have found that this gives the best retention and durability. If you still want the .060 for the thinnest possible holster please leave that selection in the notes.

The clips are all made with .093 for added strength.

My tuckable holsters are available in solid black, solid colors, or  two tone  which is a colored body and a black clip. Most lasers are available. Please include in the notes below.

Note: The Viridian C5L lasers are a $10 upgrade over the lasers listed in the order form below. You can add the upgrade under the Special Option Order page.


Coyote Brown - XDS

Select Model Type
Choose Side
Belt Width
Select Belt Attachment Type
Holster Cant
Gun Model & Color or Camo Pattern – Black is Standard.
Notes including Holster Body thickness- .080 Standard for better retention and durability- .060 for the thinnest possible holster

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